A Novel of Adventure for All Ages

Captain Hunt witnessed firsthand the destruction of a beautiful island paradise, caused by the eradication of the giant tortoises that were the keystone species of their habitat, and he wants to put it right. But only one special kind of tortoise will do, and they are nowhere to be found—until he discovers a lone survivor, taken long ago from a remote island that’s not even on the map. So he spearheads an expedition. With a handful of intrepid like-minded men, he sets out on a daring search for the last of the Scarlet Tortoises.

But no sooner do they reach their destination than things begin to go wrong. Before the search can even get started, Terry, the expedition’s artist and youngest member, finds himself secretly recording a comic scene of insubordination and mayhem, in which Captain Hunt has turned out to be even more of an ogre than he had thought. And soon they are deep in strange territory, far from help and beset by unexpected difficulties. There weren’t supposed to be any pirates, for one thing. For another, they are confronted with a really big, really dangerous animal that no one has ever seen before, and it won’t go away. And where on earth are the tortoises?

“The literary equivalent of dark chocolate…I didn’t want it to end.”

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A Celebration of the Natural World

A close look at the beautiful and sometimes moving details of life in the garden and beyond.

Poem of the Week:

Garden Habitat

Come on!
Go wild with me!
Let's root up carrots,
graze on lettuce,
bite a tomato off the vine.
Come on!
The corn is tall enough to hide us.
On far-off hills,
the deer approve.

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