Poetry: Gardener At Heart

cover image of the book "Gardener At Heart" showing the lush green leaves of a garden violet in summer

A Celebration Of The Natural World In 107 Poems

A close look at the beautiful and sometimes moving details of life in the garden and beyond, ranging from contemplative to funny to serious to uplifting. Topics include native plants, gardening and garden plants, dogs, cats, wildflowers, insects, birds and wild animals, the seasons, and also a few of the antics of us humans.

Two Books In One

A complete previous collection of poems has been included in this present volume.

Poem Of The Week

Author’s Note: Memorial Day is upon us, which brings this poem to mind, since the wind has been keeping all the flags dancing. I post it in memory of my friend Dorothy, who loved it best of all my poems. Grass widows are wildflowers with purple bells and grass-like leaves, and come out early in spring.

Grass Widows

Some people say heaven’s up there
But I say earth’s the miracle place
I say this dark rocky swell of dirt
Is where spirits dwell
This flowing turf is clouds of glory
These slender leaves are anchored angels
These blowing purple bells are unfurled wings
And I say, I believe, I believe.

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