Poetry: Gardener At Heart

cover image of the book "Gardener At Heart" showing the lush green leaves of a garden violet in summer

A Celebration Of The Natural World In 107 Poems

A close look at the beautiful and sometimes moving details of life in the garden and beyond, ranging from contemplative to funny to serious to uplifting. Topics include native plants, gardening and garden plants, dogs, cats, wildflowers, insects, birds and wild animals, the seasons, and also a few of the antics of us humans.

Two Books In One

A complete previous collection of poems has been included in this present volume.

Poem Of The Week

Author’s Note: Spring has come to my hemisphere. Time to scatter seeds!

Seed People

The seed people wait
Wrapped in blankets
Brown and black
They wait
Heads hidden
Here an eye shows
They wait
Till earth's kiss
Circling sun
Bid them come
Hit their drums
Slip off brown and black
Show their new dance clothes--
Didn't they wear those
Last year?

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